Non-Guilty Pleasures
I dont want to be back in your bed unless I’m back in your heart…Let me know that’s not impossible and I will move mountains
EJ to Sami

Nothing changes….

So,I started blaming everything on him. Every time I drank. Every time I snorted coke. Every time I had sex. Every time I tried to rip myself apart I blamed him. But i got really good at hating. And I realized the guy that I hated even more so than my father was me. Myself.
Brady Black to Kristen


My Ultimate Ships/OTPs

Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Emmys- Best Comedy

Modern Family

Emmys- Best Leading Actor in Drama

Bryan Cranston- Breaking Bad

Robin Williams: what a concept!
Billy Crystal - 66th Annual Emmy Awards. (via asexyrainbow)
Emmys- Best Supporting Actor in Drama

Aaron Paul- Breaking Bad

Emmys- Best TV Movie

The Normal Heart