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Once Upon a Time- recap “The Apprentice” 10/19/14 

Here’s what grieving looks like…


Once Upon a Time- Two Lies and a Truth for Season 4


Here is the list after the first 4 episodes and we’ve got them all!!!

Robert Carlyle

1.You see Mr. Gold in a pair of gold speedos in episode 5

2. You see him swimming the English channel in episode 7

3. You see him maybe swapping a knife

Emile de Ravin

1. You see Belle wearing flats

2. You see me driving a Maserati 

3. You see me dancing

Colin O’Donoghue

1. Hook gets a wooden leg

2. Hook loses his eyeliner

3. Hook will kiss Emma again

Lana Parila

1. Regina’s really a man

2. Regina will not fight back

3. Regina has a plan

Eddie and Adam

1. Mr Gold will be moving to San Francisco

2. Snow and Charming will get divorced

3. Captain Hook will get his hand back

Legend of Korra- recap “The Coronation” 10/17/14 

Person of Interest- Recap “Brotherhood” 10/14/14 


Thanks to Ron


Thanks to Ron

The Walking Dead- recap “No Sanctuary” 10/12/14