Non-Guilty Pleasures

"We should all be scared of Nick Fallon because he proves to you and everyone else that he cannot be trusted! and you over and over again. You let him back into your life because you are too blind and too weak to learn from your own mistakes. Gabi, you melt when Nick looks at you. He is bad news for you and everyone you say you care about. But you can’t seem to figure out that you need to stop giving yourself up to him.

You can’t believe this? want some proof? Here’s the couch, Gabi! Will could have died because of this head-case and a few months later, you are sleeping with him in our living room!

You know what’s next? You hit him in the head with a rock, you call it self-defense, and then you defend him. Let me ask you a question: what is your landspeed record for wanting to sleep with this guy again? Or did you already break that record?”

-Sonny tells Gabi off #truth

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